Forth Wool Hat - Navy/Orange
Forth Wool Hat - Navy/Orange

Forth Wool Hat - Navy/Orange

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A woolie, a toorie, a beanie, a bobble hat or a watch cap. Whatever you call it we’ve got you covered

Inspired by the north east of Scotland’s rich heritage of fishing, our wooly hats take their name from the two regions of water that stretch from Wick in the north right down to Edinburgh in the south.

With these we went for a traditional style fisherman's hat, designed to our specifications, which means it can be rolled up twice if you're a hipster (like us) or just the once if your all about keeping your ears warm...oh and we stuck a bobble on it because we're crazy like that!

  • 100% lambswool
  • Made in Scotland by wool wizards using vintage machinery
  • Finished by hand for a perfect fit
  • Limited numbers